A Message from the NER-AMTAS Board:

Welcome to our Board page! We invite you to get to know us all a little better, and encourage you to consider running to become a member of the NER-AMTAS Board or subcommittees in the future. Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask any of us any questions you might have about ourselves, our roles in the organization, or how you might be able to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

2022-2023 NER-AMTAS Board

Emily Kropo: President

Emily (she/her) is currently a senior at Anna Maria College majoring in music therapy and double minoring in psychology and jazz studies. This is Emily’s third year on the NER-AMTAS board, and she is very excited to apply her learning and experience from previous years to this term – along with the opportunity to work with an amazing student board. In the upcoming fall, Emily will be interning at Perkins School for the Blind located in Watertown, MA. She is very passionate about using songwriting to explore self-expression and emotional freedom with her clients, and hopes to use similar interventions in her future work. In her spare time, Emily loves performing on the piano, marimba, and guitar, as well as writing and recording her own original music.

Leana Borsuk: President-Elect

Leana Borsuk (she/her) is a student at Berklee College of Music. She is majoring in Music Therapy and minoring in dance and Recording and Production. Leana's primary instrument is voice and she plays a little guitar and piano. Her goal is to study music therapy and eventually Jungian psychology, Tomatis method, acupuncture/Chinese medicine, and Kundalini yoga in hopes of opening accessible to all Holistic centers around the United States. Leana also enjoys photography, reading, astrology, crystals, and practicing Kundalini yoga.

Shylaja Sundar: Vice President of Berklee College of Music

Shylaja (she/her) is a music therapy student Berklee college of music, minoring in Psychology, and currently pursuing her internship at Professional Child Development Associates in California. She is from India and has lived in Qatar for 9 years. She is passionate about NMT and working with children. Trained in South Indian Classical music, she believes in combining her Indian roots with the music therapy techniques in providing support and improving the quality of lives of the clients .

Jonathan Kang: Vice President of Lesley University

Jonathan (he/him/his) graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Northeastern University and after falling in love with the city of Boston, decided to pursue a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Music Therapy at Lesley University, where he is a third year student. Jonathan is passionate about NMT and bringing joy through music. His instrument of choice is the guitar and an instrument that he wants to learn the most is the drums. Jonathan has worked with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) at his internship at Walnut Street Center (in Medford, MA) and is very excited to begin his internship at Franciscans Children’s Hospital. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys making music with his friends, going on long walks, providing music sessions for elders, and napping!

Tessa Cacioppo: Vice President of Westfield State University

Tessa (she/her) is a senior at Westfield State University studying Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology. She has been playing French Horn for eleven years and is currently the brass teacher at the Westfield School of Music, working with people of all ages and abilities. She is from Franklin, Massachusetts and has lived there her whole life. She lives with her parents, younger sister, and eight pets. She also really enjoys photography and tennis. She is looking forward to being on the NER-AMTAS board and being a representative of her school!

Carrie Sullivan: Vice President of The University of Rhode Island

Carrie (she/her) is a junior Music Therapy student at the University of Rhode Island. Her primary instrument is voice. In her pre-practicum experience, Carrie has worked at Hands in Harmony in South Kingstown, RI with adults with developmental disabilities and disorders of consciousness. She is a passionate advocate for music therapy services and making them accessible for all people. As Vice President of URI, Carrie hopes to promote self-care and reduce burnout among music therapy students and to center diversity and inclusion. In her free time, Carrie enjoys songwriting, baking, and hanging out with her cat, Misty.

Sarah Hall: Vice President of Anna Maria College

Sarah Hall (she/her) is a senior at Anna Maria College majoring in music therapy and minoring in psychology. She lives in Berkley, MA with her parents, her brother, and two dogs. Her primary instrument is voice. Sarah has worked with children since she was 15 years old. She is currently interning at Kennedy Donovan Center in Southbridge, MA, for early intervention. This is her first semester on the NER-AMTAS board, and she can’t wait to make friends and create new memories within the music therapy community! 

Alianna LeClair: Secretary

Alianna (she/they) is a junior at Westfield State majoring in music therapy and minoring in psychology. Her primary instrument is voice and they play euphonium as well! Alianna transferred from Anna Maria to Westfield and now has rich and unique experiences and connections from both curriculums and institutions. Alianna is currently the Vice President of MT-CoWS, the music therapy club at Westfield. They are originally from Worcester, MA, where they live with their parents, brother, and sister, as well as an adorable black cat named Pepper!

Parvathy Menon: Treasurer

Parvathy (she/her/hers) is a 6th semester student at Berklee College of Music. She is a voice principal and Music Therapy major, minoring in Psychology and Creative Entrepreneurship. She is extremely passionate about music therapy and would love to do research on Music Therapy in the future. She would love to bring her skills and passion to the field and be able to reach as many people as she can with Music Therapy.

Lyzz Zinn: Public Relations Chair

Lyzz (she/her) is entering her third year at Lesley University, pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Music Therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology. She recently completed a clinical internship at King Open School in Cambridge, MA, working with K-5 students on a range social and emotional goals, and is currently interning at Arlington Youth Counseling Center. Voice and Piano are her primary instruments, though she also enjoys playing guitar, ukulele, and percussion. When she is not working toward her degree, playing music, orteaching music lessons, Lyzz enjoys playing The Sims, doing arts & crafts, dancing, walking in nature, and spending time with her adorable guinea pigs, Tater Tot and Latke.

Adri Celeste: Chair of Advocacy

Adri is a senior Music Therapy Major from Anna Maria College, double minoring in Psychology and Vocal Performance. Her primary instrument is voice and her dream population is working with pediatric oncology patients. A fun fact about Adri is that she has a bunch of pets, including chickens and a turtle, and her favorite color is blue!

Sam Banister: Parliamentarian

Sam Banister is a 6th semester student at Berklee College of Music. He is a tenor saxophonist and guitarist from Paducah, Kentucky. He has many career aspirations, but currently is focused on learning more about our brain and neural pathways in the neurologic research field in order to continue illuminating the path to wellness using a variety of music therapy experiences. Furthermore, he hopes to research neurodegenerative diseases and music therapy in the post-grad setting, as well as the psychology of music, and one day wants to open up a jazz club as a way to further musically connect with the community.