Description Of Board Positions 

President Elect

The President-Elect assists and shadows the President to learn the responsibilities and duties of that office for the following year. The President-Elect will also accompany the President at all board meetings regionally and nationally. He/She will also review the NER-AMTAS bylaws and present recommended changes to be approved at the annual meeting.  The President-Elect must be committed to serving on the board for two years. Finally, a thorough overview of the constitution and bylaws is required to make corrections, additions, or deletion to be proposed at the next NER-AMTA regional conference. 

President (Not up for re-election) 

The NER-AMTAS President is head of the Executive Board team and the student representative for NER-AMTA. The President will attend all related meetings at the National and Regional Conferences as well as the NER-AMTA Executive Committee meetings. The President will organize and run all NER-AMTAS executive board meetings and compose a bi-annual report. The President is also on the planning sub-committee to implement the annual Passages Student Music Therapy Conference.


The Secretary acts as record keeper for the NER-AMTAS Executive board.The secretary is in charge of sending out the agenda for each NER-AMTAS meeting, taking notes at meetings, and posting the meeting minutes to Dropbox and Slack. Additionally, it is the secretary's job to support and collaborate with the other board members at all meetings, as well as the Passages conference. 

Vice President Of Berklee

The Berklee VP serves as a liaison between NER-AMTAS and Berklee.  He or She emails the music therapy students of Berklee regarding NER-AMTAS news. The Vice President also reports to the NER-AMTAS Executive Board about music therapy happenings at Berklee. 

Vice President of Lesley 

The Lesley Vice President serves as liaison between NER-AMTAS and Lesley University music therapy students. This person informs Lesley students of NER-AMTAS events/news, and also informs the NER-AMTAS board of any pertinent Lesley news. The Lesley VP is responsible for managing the Lesley email list and for gathering interest and support for NER-AMTAS events from the Lesley community.

Vice President of Anna Maria

The Anna Maria Vice President serves as the connection and liaison between NER-AMTAS and the Anna Maria College music therapy students. This person reports to NER-AMTAS about music therapy events and news from AMC, and reports NER-AMTAS news to the AMC music therapy community. 

Treasurer (Not up for re-election 2019-2020)

The treasurer is in charge of keeping records of the financial standing of NER-AMTAS. As the treasurer, responsibilities include: keeping an organized binder to contain all banking information, receipts and other important information,  to keep an up to date balance of the account, make payments when necessary and follow through with any fundraising ideas.They work closely with the SAAB in providing accurate balances and making purchases on behalf of NER-AMTAS. 

Public Relations Chair 

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for maintaining and updating the NER-AMTAS website and all social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are also responsible for designing digital promotional materials for all events held by the NER-AMTAS board, including Passages and the annual Spring fundraiser. The Public Relations Chair should market other music therapy-related events that are happening in the region to encourage student attendance and should maintain a constant digital presence to represent the student board. It is recommended that this position be familiar with applications such as: Google Drive and corresponding Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YOLA Website Design.

Advocacy Chair

The purpose of the Advocacy Chair is to foster opportunities to spread awareness about and services pertaining to music therapy in the New England region while inviting collaboration between prospective students, current students, and professionals in the field.  Duties of the Advocacy Chair include but are not limited to 1) compiling and providing advocacy-related resources to NER-AMTAS members, 2) fostering inter-scholastic collaboration and rapport building, 3) developing working relationships with relevant local causes, and 4) planning/promoting special events and/or fundraisers where NER-AMTAS’ member involvement could serve to educate the community about the field of music therapy.


The Parliamentarian will ensure that all NER-AMTAS meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian and the President review the NER-AMTAS Bylaws and present recommended changes to be approved at the annual meeting. 

Nomination Form for the 2019-2020
NER-AMTAS Executive Board