Missed Passages 2021? No Problem!

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Principles in Neuroplasticity-Based Therapeutics
Presenter: Alec Johnson
Mindfulness: The Power of Music & Meditation
Presenter: Emily Kropo
Music Therapy in the Parent-Child Dyad: Exploring the Connective Potential of Music for LGBTQ+ Adolescents and Their Parents
Presenters: Emma Reading, Taylor Marsyla, and Bonnie Diamond
The Role of Community Music Therapy in Building Social Connections and Reducing Stigma for People with Substance Use Disorders
Presenter: Sarah Sacala
Blueprint of a Project Aimed at Cross-Cultural Research of Melodic Intonation Therapy: Towards the Issue of Synergy of Music Therapy, Musicology, and Artificial Intelligence
Presenter: Svetlana Chashchina
The Effects of COVID-19 on Music Therapy
Presenter: Adri Celeste
After over a year of darkness, it is important that as music therapists, we understand it is okay to not be okay. As we navigate through the new normal, we will find a path of uncertainty, but also a path towards unity. Through resilience, we must have the courage to discover our own light and lead the way for others. Resilience is not just about one person, but also about coming together as a music therapy community and helping our clients create their own light and truly express their authentic selves through music. 
NER-AMTAS invites you to join us at this student & professional music therapy conference event online in rebuilding, reconnecting, and rekindling the light that leads the way towards resilience and unity in the music therapy field. Over the course of two days, this event will feature online presentations by music therapy students and new professionals.
We welcome all to attend! :)


Passages Student & New Professional Music Therapy Conference us an annual, free vent sponsored by the New England Region of the American Music Therapy Association Students (NER-AMTAS). The Conference is for music therapy students and professionals, and features presentations by students and music therapists in their first few years of practice. We continue the tradition of inviting medical students and colleagues from our neighboring schools to attend the conference. We believe this advocacy can inform our colleagues on how we can work together to serve our client in the future. We are excited to share with any prospective students about this growing, influential field of study. Passages is open to all. If you have any questions, please email us at neramtastudents@gmail.com.